• Zane & Zack's

    Renton, Washington company offer hot sauces, honey mustard, cream cheese spread, salsa, sea salt, seasonings, and rubs.
  • Vern's Queso and Salsa Products

    Salsa, queso, salsa verde, and jalapeno jellies.
  • Swamp Yankee Products

    providing hot sauce, marinades, bloody mary mix in greater New Haven, Connecticut
  • Super Hot Chilli.com

    Super Hots | Trinidad Moruga Scorpion | Butch T | Naga Viper | Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper Chile | Grow tips | Buy Hottest Seeds in the World | HOT Sauce Reviews
  • Spicy Chocolate Bars

    A Dream of Chocolate
  • Southwest Specialty Foods, Inc

    Produce hot sauces, salsas, snack foods, soups, and condiments containing habanero peppers.
  • Southwest Salsa Co.

    Southwest Salsa Company, Gourmet Salsa, Authentic Salsa, Arizona, Oregon, Best Salsa
  • Southern Spice - Pepper Relish and more - Ride the Lightning

    Southern Spice is where sweet meets heat. Our Pepper Relish products are all natural and we like them better that way.
  • Scotty O'Hotty Sauce

    Scotty O Hotty hot sauces are all natural, low sodium, gourmet hot sauces that are unparalleled by any other.
  • Saratoga Salsa and Spice Company

    Large selection of hot sauces, salsas and BBQ sauces as well as chile pepper apparel.
  • Salsa Express

    Something for habanero aficionados and jalapeño neophytes alike. Fiery foods including salsa, hot sauce, and spicy condiments.
  • RedNeck Salsa

    We sale a varitey of salsa varying on the the level of heat you prefer.
  • Planet Hot

    Taco seasonings, chips and salsas from across America.
  • Pepper Salsa - The Hot Sauce with Flavor!

    Pepper Salsa is a new breed of salsa with intense flavors, delightful texture, and beautiful deep red color. Its subtle sweet yet tangy flavor livens
  • Panola Pepper Hot Sauces

    Producer of nine different hot sauces, peppers products, hot mustards, Cajun food mixes and a variety of seasonings.