Inspired by a Bajan Hot Sauce I launched this website from a Pigeon Island coffee shop in St. Lucia.

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Fran and I flew to Barbados January 16th for a WindStar cruise to celebrate our 15th Anniversary, Fran’s Birthday, and me Shrugging.

In the morning, we went to breakfast and I ordered a “local” style breakfast.  It was bland, I just knew there was something missing.  I asked at the counter, “What is missing?”.  The lady said that Bajans, that is of or from Barbados, put a Bajan sauce on,  but it is a bit much for most tourists.  Now I had to have some.  Wow.  It has a mustard base and livened up with Scotch Bonnet pepper.  Pretty hot, but use carefully.

I was inspired, got out my trusty Chromebook, logged into my GoDaddy account () bought the domain name and attached it to my account.

At the Jambe de Bois cafe on Sunday January 19th, 2014,I installed word press and got started. Installed a theme, wrote few lines and voila, a new website.  And a tax write-off?